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Six little kittens
So lovely, so sweet
They where born with grey mittens
They looked like grey sleet
We're not keeping any
And also not many
They look like grey stone
They go to their new home

Iljitsj Trok

From time to time we breed a litter of Russian Blues of our queens Toesje (Aline Siva Katyusha Dunoe)and our two Australian import girls Kimara Royalblu Mischea and Kimara Silvan Naleerah. When we search for partners for our queens we take care that both character, looks and pedigree are compatible with our queens.
Our kittens are raised underfoot in our living room with our children and the other cats. The kittens get a lot of attention and daily hugs and kisses. We give a lot of attention to socialisation so that our kittens grow up to be balanced, sweet and stressproof cats.
Our kittens are raised mostly on Carnibest raw food and Orijen kibble.
Kittens will be able to move to their new homes after at least 13 weeks. We prefer to place kittens with a brother or sister or with other cats.
When placed, kittens are fully socialised, fully vaccinated and come with their pedigree and European Animal Passport. Kittens are sold under contract and with a health guarantee.
Occasionally we sell to breeders and ship to other countries.
If you are interested in our kittens, don't hesitate to get in touch by email or phone(0031-294-418122).

Kittens born!

Our Schea (Kimara Royalblu Mischea), had a litter of 5 kittens from Eur. Ch. Troika Sivi Tovaritsj. The litter was born on august 18th and consisted of 3 boys and two girls. All 5 kittens have found new loving homes and will move out around december 5th. 2010.

Kimara Royalblu Mischea                                                                     Gr.Int.Ch. Troika Sivi Tovaritsj

Kittens born!

Our Nelly, Ch. Kimara Silvan Naleerah got a litter of 5 by Gr. Eur. Ch. Glasnost Fengalion september 20th. All 5 kittens, 4 boys and 1 girl, have found new loving homes and will move out of our house around Christmas 2010

Ch.Kimara Silvan Naleerah                                                                       Gr. Eur. Ch. Glasnost Fengali

Planning 2011

Around the summer/autumn of 2011 we will be having kittens again from our lovely girls.
The following matings are planned:
Aline Siva Katyusha x ?
Ch. Kimara Silvan Naleerah x Eur. Ch. Troika Sivi Tovaritsj
Kimara Royalblu Mischea x Eur. Ch. Troika Sivi Tovaritsj

If you are interested in one of the kittens, don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone(0031-294-418122). We work with a waiting list. People wanting to give home to two of our kittens and households with other cats are given priority. We do sometimes place breeding cats with reputable breeders. Feel free to inquire.